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The 8-Bit Book - 1981 to 199x

The 8-Bit Book - 1981 to 199x ... LAST FEW LEFT!


The Book of the Game of the Film ... SOLD OUT!

Arcade Imperfect

Arcade Imperfect ... PREORDER NOW!


Jerry Ellis first discovered the joys of video gaming at the tender age of five, when his father bought him a 1978 Hanimex 8881 Electronic Colour TV Game for Christmas. A Grandstand Munchman tabletop game and a Donkey Kong Game & Watch soon followed, before the VIC-20 became the first home computer to infiltrate the Ellis household in 1982. Jerry later upgraded to the Acorn Electron and the Commodore 64 before temporarily turning his back on gaming in despair as the 8-bit era drew to a close.


Jerry's favourite game is Firebird's colourful Gauntlet clone, Druid, which he once completed in an all-night session with his cousin. The fact that he was always forced to play as the Golem rankled for many years, but he's over it now.

Golem Books was launched in 2017 to support the release of The Book of the Game of the Film, a long-overdue follow-up to The 8-Bit Book -- 1981 to 199x, which had been published eight years earlier. The Book of the Game of the Film is now sold out (although a new edition with all-new Oliver Frey cover artwork will be released in 2021). The hardcover limited edition of Arcade Imperfect is available now, as is the paperback edition of The 8-Bit Book - 1981 to 199x.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail Jerry Ellis at jerellis1@yahoo.com -- you can also call Jerry directly on 07989 199710.


Arcade Imperfect (Hardback L.E.)

The dream of being able to play accurate conversions of all the latest arcade games tantalised 8-bit home computer owners throughout the '80s, without ever quite coming true. Nevertheless, stripped-down ports of hundreds of classic coin-ops still ended up gracing many a grateful gamer's library.

Insert coin, press start and read the whole story here. Tea's ready, player one!

You can preorder Arcade Imperfect (Limited Edition hardback) now for only £27.99 plus p&p (£3.20 within the UK, £10.20 to Europe, £23.00 outside Europe). The Space Heroes list (featuring the names of the first 160 people to preorder the book) is now full!

Dust jacket features all-new cover artwork by Oliver Frey!

Preorder now for delivery early March 2021.

UK: £27.99 + £3.20 P&P = £31.19

EUROPE: £27.99 + £10.20 P&P = £38.19

W'WIDE: £27.99 + £23.00 P&P = £50.99

The Book of the Game of the Film

Hundreds of games were released in the '80s and early '90s as tie-ins with some of the world's most popular films, books, pop groups, television programmes, comics, tabletop RPGs and high-street brands. Author Jerry Ellis mounts a defiant, 150,000-word defence of one of the most unfairly frowned-upon trends of the electronic gaming industry's formative years.

“… so much content you’ll be reading this for some time… the education you're being given by the author is simply brilliant…”


+++ The paperback and hardcover limited editions of The Book of the Game of the Film are both now officially sold out! Thanks to all who bought one! +++

UK: £24.99 + £3.20 P&P = £28.19

All Gone!

EUROPE: £24.99 + £10.20 P&P = £35.19

All Gone!

W'WIDE: £24.99 + £23.00 P&P = £47.99

All Gone!

Still available from Golem Books...

The 8-Bit Book - 1981 to 199x - Paperback Edition


UK: £9.99 + £2.70 P&P = £12.69

EUROPE: £9.99 + £6.25 P&P = £16.24

A wistful look back at over two hundred of the most influential, inspiring and downright interesting games of the 8-bit era.

“… wonderfully presented… a varied and a highly informative read…” — Retro Gamer (Treasure of the Month, December 2009)

“… a truly varied read… effortlessly jumps from nostalgia to gaming history and even touches on design philosophy.” — Obsolete Gamer

“… a real gem… depicts a whole epoch with dynamism and precision.” — grospixels.com

The 8-Bit Book - 1981 to 199x (paperback) is now only £9.99 plus p&p (£2.50 within the UK, £6.15 to Europe, £13.30 outside Europe).
WORLDWIDE: £9.99 + £13.55 P&P = £23.54

The 8-Bit Book - 1981 to 199x

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Hardback



UK: £29.99 + £3.20 P&P = £33.19

All Gone!

EUROPE: £29.99 + £10.20 = £40.19

All Gone!

W'WIDE: £29.99 + £23.00 = £52.99

All Gone!


For all enquiries or comments, please contact Jerry Ellis directly at jerellis1@yahoo.com or on 07989 199710.

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